Jeff Millard Founder of JM & Associates

Jeff Millard Founder of JM & Associates


AMBITION Board Member & Mentor

Founder of JM & Associates & Development Consultant

Jeff has spent nearly 15 years in the financial services sector involved in all aspects of client relations, reporting and portfolio maintenance. He spent his first two years on Wall Street at Morgan Stanley as a liaison between the trading floor and financial advisors across the United States. Realizing that his true passion and talent was working directly with clients, he began working with a team of high net worth advisors at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in San Francisco, focusing on business development and operations management.

In 2016, Jeff founded JM & Associates, a consulting firm focussed on Wealth Management, Capital Introductions and Non-profit Development. Jeff has worked with C-Suite executives, consulting on strategic partnerships geared toward capital campaigns and growth and sustainability. He studied Business and Psychology at Nyack College in NY and Theology for Ministry through St. John’s College, Nottingham. Jeff servers on the board of the Duke Media Foundation, a non-profit endeavor conceived by the legendary director Bill Duke, that teaches media and financial literacy to young people expressing interest in the entertainment industry. In addition, Jeff serves as an advisory board member to Elevate New York, a non-profit organization focused on mentoring a-risk youth in the South Bronx.

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