Program Components



AMBITION stresses how one shows up in life. Numerous exercises emphasize this with innovative methods. These interactive techniques are an edgy means of teaching our students public speaking, engagement and responsibility.

Cussing is a privilege reserved only for those who use proper grammar!

Students are encouraged to speak freely, so long as their grammar is correct. Without encouraging them to use dirty words, this technique has proven a compelling means of capturing their attention and a thought-provoking way of illustrating that proper grammar is directly connected to one’s credibility. Where a bleep censor is typically reserved to disguise a profanity, in AMBITION it is used to cover up improper grammar.

Get that look off your face!

We are all too often unaware of how we come across and what our facial expressions and body language say about us, but a picture is worth a thousand words. This approach is a fun and interactive way to make that point. On any given day, one might walk into an AMBITION classroom to discover their picture projected on a wall, in an instance where they appeared bored or disengaged. There is no mistaking that look, once one we see it on our own face. No one knows who might be behind the camera each week!

Give your word, keep your word!

Teaching the importance of one’s word is paramount. Standing up in front of the classroom and making a promise to the camera makes it real. Periodically, the students and mentors face the camera and make a promise to work on something they struggle with. The footage then serves as a measure for improvement.

Get your blood flowing and put a smile on your face!

A few minutes of stretching, jumping and laughter connects the room and shifts the mind. A little exercise is a great way to bring energy to the room. Led by an experienced fitness coach, each class begins with mind/body activities, ranging from exercise to meditation.

Getting comfortable with each other!

The students and mentors take time learn about each other in small group settings. This style creates great synergy and serves as great preparation for teamwork. The students and mentors have regular Q&A sessions and are encouraged to be open and go as deep as they are comfortable in their answers. The high point is when the students begin to discover similarities, rather than differences.

The critical value of Financial Literacy!

From budgeting, to compound interest, to investing, the importance of making sound financial choices is presented in a witty and intriguing manner. The education and understanding of financial literacy is a game-changer for our youth.

Thoughts from a successful venture capitalist and wisdom from his “Dream Toolbox!”

Real-life, interactive storytelling from a successful entrepreneur offers a birds-eye view into big business. Likened to a modern day “Mr. Rogers,” this style successfully engages the students. Captivating stories of accomplishments, failures and lessons in business from a successful entrepreneur shed light on the world of business.

An opportunity for the AMBITION students to be a part of the next generation of great consumer brands!

The opportunity for guidance and input from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in the growth of a legitimate business is especially significant. Being part of the rise and reward of a legitimate business and working alongside the experts grooms the students for unlimited potential. Exposed to every aspect of running a business, the students take on roles at a startup company, with a heavy concentration in sales and marketing. In addition to their compensation, every sale contributes a portion to the AMBITION Student Scholarship Fund.


A priority of the program is to provide the students with the satisfaction and growth that is derived from commitment, hard work and accomplishment. 

Each year, the objective is to find and fill a gap in a luxury consumer goods brand, where the collaboration results in a percentage of the projects proceeds being contributed to the AMBITION Student Growth & Scholarship Fund. The luxury component empowers students by welcoming them into a world from which they too often feel prohibited.

Every year, each AMBITION host company chooses a luxury consumer goods brand and presents it to their class. (AMBITION host companies, along with their network, volunteer to run the weekly, yearlong, in-class program.)

The students and mentors are tasked with the following agenda:

  • Research the brand and its customer extensively and determine a product that will align with and add value to the brand.

  • Study the brand and conduct thorough market research. Learn everything necessary about the brand and its customer in order to determine the best components/details of the product.

  • Research to find the most appropriate designer who can design and produce a prototype of the product.

  • Create a pitch to entice the selected designer. The pitch must include why they were chosen, what the collaboration entails and what they will gain from the experience.

  • Once the designer is secured, present him/her with the details of the market research to design and produce the prototype.

  • Strategize and construct a marketing campaign that will feature the finished product and propose a partnership where a percentage of the project’s proceeds are donated to the AMBITION Student Growth & Scholarship Fund. It will be presented to the brand in the form of a “commercial pitch” and will also include a documentary style, behind the scenes look at the process.


Each year there are two projects that focus on teamwork, marketing, “the ask” and leadership.

The goal is to use strategic methods to find celebrities to advocate for AMBITION.

The AMBITION students and mentors are tasked with the following:

  • Choose celebrities in business, sports, entertainment, etc. that will add value to the brand.

  • Research to learn everything possible about them and why they should meet /support the students of AMBITION.

  • Create an enticing pitch. It must be clear why they were chosen and what will be gained from the experience. The objective is to leave them feeling as though they will be missing out if they don’t engage the students of AMBITION!

  • Strategize and construct a marketing campaign that will elicit support from others in getting in front of the desired celebrities. 

The goal is to find a charity that the students agree upon to support and champion. This process makes them leaders, giving a hand-up instead of receiving one and ultimately boosting their self-confidence!

The AMBITION students & mentors are tasked with the following:

  • Determine what cause is important and why.

  • Research to find a charity that supports that vision.

  • Learn everything possible about the cause and the specific charity.

  • Strategize and construct a way to show support.


Segments revolving around dialogue are the backbone of AMBITION and allow us to take what we do in the classroom to the community. The goal is to continuously grow the AMBITION Clubs and for the segments to become widespread movements! The AMBITION Clubs currently focus on the Movements below. 

Developed to ignite fair and insightful conversation about socially relevant topics, “Celine’s Ladder is real dialogue for teenagers, by teenagers from socioeconomically diverse backgrounds. #LetsStartAConversation
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Solution-driven thinking at its best, “There’s Always a Me Too” is a candid platform that upholds the construct of entrepreneurial thinking, “Me Too” is an affirmation of power, a tool for growth instead of a barrier to resolution. #PowerNotPity
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A modern day Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover, “You Don’t Know About Me” is a reminder that what you see is NOT necessarily what you get. A pre-emptive strike in a world of distorted First Impressions, Fake News, Racial Profiling and Social Media. #YDKAM
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