Support System


Walton Isaacson

Founded in 2005 by marketing innovators Aaron Walton, Cory Isaacson and esteemed partner Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Walton Isaacson (WI) provides strategic and creative solutions for many of the world's largest and most aggressive brand marketers.

A first in AMBITION’s history, Aaron Walton set the bar, dedicating the company and its employees to a yearlong, weekly, interactive, full-fledged partnership with AMBITION. Additionally, Walton Isaacson has agreed to be the first official host of CELINE'S LADDER. Real dialogue, for teenagers, by teenagers, CELINE’S LADDER was developed to ignite fair and insightful conversation and breakdown barriers, by bringing together teenagers from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

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M13 is a holding company that differentiates itself by accelerating consumer brands at scale using a repeatable playbook approach. M13 has invested in over 125 companies including names like Lyft, Pinterest, Warby Parker, SpaceX and more.

The boys of M13, Carter and Courtney Reum, have had our backs since the inception of AMBITION. A case of entrepreneurs serving and leading the next generation of entrepreneurs, they rise to the occasion every time. Providing steadfast support in-person and behind the scenes, our students have the great honor and privilege of a wealth of knowledge, skillset and laughter, that many pay top dollar for.

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From the studio to the stage, Los Angeles band ZupaNova is a #ZupedUp all-encompassing explosion of music, fashion and culture. This trilateral fusion originally unified in 2012 with 3 ZupaStarz known as Rawcel (Songwriter for The Black Eyed Peas, etc…), Kimala (Recording Artist/Mo-Town Records), and Davy Brown (Multi-Genre Producer/Recording Artist/Multi-Instrumentalist).

The dedication of ZupaNova to AMBITION will be forever immortalized. The band members gave a directive to the entire AMBITON team: “Each one of you must write down what the word AMBITION means to you.” Once the answers were submitted, ZupaNova had the students and mentors speak the words into a microphone, knowing they would overlay their voices on the track. The band then went to work creating vocals based on the submissions. A great deal of work behind the scenes, a group trip to the recording studio and the AMBITION theme song was born!


Virgin Produced

Led by Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jason Felts and Chief Creative Officer, Justin Berfield, Virgin Produced is the film and television development, packaging and production arm of the Virgin Group. Virgin Produced is breaking the archaic models Hollywood and Bollywood by providing once again a collaborative environment that embraces talent so they can best create and inspire.

Championing our students and our progress since day one, Virgin Produced is one of the most ardent supporters and admirers of AMBITION! The AMBITON gang is in the most esteemed company, with visits to the program from Jason Felts and Rene Rigal, Chief Creative Officer. Inspired by their infectious passion, the relationship is in perfect alignment; the Virgin Produced team follows in the footsteps of a visit with our first special guest, legendary entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson. As expected the Virgin Produced team rose to the occasion, following Sir Richard’s magnificent lead!

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White Oak

Founded by Sarah Jenkins in 20014, White Oak is a Los Angeles based consumer, luxury & lifestyle communications house. A boutique public relations firm, White Oak specializes in real estate, hospitality, lifestyle and travel. They are dedicated to shaping and sharing their client's messaging by constructing relevant campaigns across all traditional and social platforms.

In preparation of a fundraiser bash, we booked some time with Sarah Jenkins and Kelsey Walker, Event Coordinator at White Oak. We went in looking for guidance and came out with an enthusiastic partner! In perfect alignment with AMBITION’s core, the entire White Oak Team understands the value of a hand-up and the importance of volunteering in an all-encompassing manner. AMBITION aspires to lead its students in the way that Sarah leads her team.


Environmental Charter High School (ECHS)

Environmental Charter High School (ECHS) is an award winning, free, public high school in South Los Angeles that prepares students for 4-year colleges using the environment as a lens for real-life learning.

ECHS welcomed AMBITION at its inception in 2010. The steadfast commitment and dedication to seeing the program grow has been the greatest of gifts to the program and its students. Brandie Davis, our partner teacher at ECHS and Alison Suffet Diaz, the Founder and Executive Director of Environmental Charter Schools, took a strategic, yet calculated risk and it paid off. There is no better school to have launched AMBITON’s pilot program, witnessed by the fact that 9 years later we are still going strong.