The Ultimate Tease is a socially conscious movement on a mission to abolish the BS, PC rhetoric that leaves us victims of our society. People are afraid to speak in fear of saying the wrong thing, the wrong way. We are so caught up in what’s on the surface that we have lost sight of what really matters. Is the use of a “dirty” word so unspeakable that it should override the relevance of one’s story? Words are just words; it’s people who assign them meaning. And just what is it that makes a word “dirty?”

The movement is meant to ignite meaningful conversation about real issues. It is an uncensored call-to-action for people to say what they really feel.  It encourages people to connect, groups to unite and causes to collaborate.

Our first “Tease” is a modern day “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover,” or as we like to say… YOU DON’T KNOW [SHIT] ABOUT ME.

First Impressions. Fake News. Racial Profiling. Social Media.
YOU DON’T KNOW [SHIT] ABOUT ME is a reminder that what you see is NOT necessarily what you get.

We have developed a provocative new line of Tees, Totes & Accessories that will help you get the message out.

With respect to subtlety, we’ve chosen to camouflage the [SHIT]. All of our “dirty words” are disguised using tone-on-tone coloring; they are there, but you’ll miss them if you’re not paying attention.

At risk of isolating youth or If the [DIRTY WORD] simply isn’t in your vocabulary, we can leave it out. The message is the same with or without it! Proper grammar however, is non-negotiable!

Tina Shivpuri