CELINE’S LADDER was developed to ignite fair and insightful conversation about socially relevant topics. It’s real dialogue for teenagers, by teenagers from socioeconomically diverse backgrounds.

CELINE’S LADDER will routinely introduce new, socially relevant discussion topics. Participants are encouraged to examine ‘why’ they feel the way they do about the topic, discern if they actually feel that way and decide for themselves what should and should not affect them. The moderated conversations will include a small, select group of adults available for input, but only when requested by a student.

CELINE’S LADDER is about stripping away what we’ve been taught to think and feel and discovering our own feelings and our own truth. It’s asking uncomfortable questions. It's the most valuable lesson in self-discovery.

This is what the new conversation starters look like! #askquestions #becurious #haveaconversation

CELINE’S LADDER Current Topic:
White Privilege + Racism

What do the terms White Privilege and Racism mean to each of you? Do you think they exist? What does it bring up for you? How can we figure out a strategy to tackle this? If you had a question about black, white, Latino, Muslim or Asian culture, would you be comfortable asking your black, white, Latino, Muslim or Asian friends, or would that make you feel uncomfortable, as if it wouldn’t be appropriate? Why do we feel like asking questions is questioning? Why is it that when someone doesn’t agree with us, we respond by telling them they are wrong, instead of asking why they think or feel that way? Why do we “call someone out,” instead of taking the opportunity to “have a conversation?”

Be prepared to be open and make yourself uncomfortable! 

Nancy Gale